"I haven't been myself since we've returned. I should have realized the reason why. It's because I don't have her."

How could THEY? :p 


How could THEY? :p 


“We almost were. We almost happened.”


“”We’re gonna find out more about Charming and we’re gonna find out you know, he’s got a possibly unlikely, well not an unlikely but a friendship with a character that you wouldn’t necessarily think pairs up with Charming who kind of changes the whole path of his life.””

Josh Dallas on what can we expect from the Charmings in season 4, AfterBuzz TV interview, SDCC (July 26, 2014) (x)


"Even now, when I’m with you I mean, that’s all I need."

EW Spoiler Room


Have there been any new details regarding Hans on Once Upon a Time? — Erin

As suspected, “He has not been redeemed,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. “He’s a sociopath.” Here’s something to chew on: Could he actually be behind Elsa’s imprisonment in Rumple’s vault? “That’s one of the mysteries that we intend to unfurl,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says, adding that Hans “still feels the weight of being the youngest of 12 brothers, and there’s a very good chance of seeing some of those 12 brothers.” (x)

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He feels an odd sense of displacement, like he isn’t inside his body anymore and then suddenly, he is. His arms are still around her waist and he still feels the tingling in his lips from kissing her but they’re not at the docks anymore.
"Sweetheart, what—"
She pulls her lower lip between her teeth and grins up at him.
"I couldn’t wait?"


Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.


Regina Mills meme :  9 outfits